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Behind the Band

Cosmic Ocean formed July 31st, 2020 when Michael Whelan, Emily Solis, Dino Rodino, Aaron Miller, and Steven Elias decided to rename and rebrand their original project (Out Of Time). 

The band's origins began under the name Out Of Time, originally founded in 2013 by Dino, Michael, and their friends Jake Rarick, Sean Lubell, and Noah Lubell. Intended as a fun side project, they put out a demo album called "Premeditated Attempted Manslaughter With Intent to Kill" 2015. 


In 2019, Michael and Dino decided to put a live lineup together, recruiting Aaron Miller (Drums), Steven Elias (Guitar), and Emily Solis (Lead Vocals). During this time the band was demoing songs that would end up on the first Cosmic Ocean album. The band played 7 shows. 

During the Covid 19 pandemic during 2020, everything was changing. They recruited Mark De La O (Drums), moved Aaron to guitar and ultimately reformed the project into the band, Cosmic Ocean, to legitimize their rejuvenated sound.

After four single releases in two years, the band spent the last half of 2021 working on their debut album, "Through the Farthest Space," taking the band leagues above anything they thought possible. This band means business, and they've only just begun.

Emily 1.jpg

Emily Solis


Aaron 2.jpg

Aaron Miller


Mark - Book.jpg

Mark De La O


Michael 4.jpg

Michael Whelan


Dino 2.jpg

Dino Rodino


Skunk 1.jpg

Steven "Skunk" Elias


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